We provide Lactation Consultations in the mother's home.  The benefit of doing a consultation in the mother's home is that the mother is more comfortable and the Lactation Consultant is able to see the mother nurse in her own environment.

Initial consultations will usually take 2 hours and include some or all of the following:

  • Maternal Health History
  • Infant Health History
  • Review of Previous Breastfeeding Experiences
  • Birth History
  • Feeding History
  • Infant Weight Check (pre and post feeding weight checks if appropriate)
  • Physical Assessment of Infant (including oral assessment)
  • Breast Examination
  • Observation, assistance and instruction of infant feeding as appropriate (breast, bottle, syringe, supplemental nursing system, cup, etc.)
  • Observation, assistance and instruction on expression of breast milk (hand expression and/or pumping) if appropriate
  • Creation of feeding plan
  • Suck training or other exercises as appropriate
  • Documentation of visit provided to primary care physicians for mother and baby
  • Appropriate referrals as needed
  • Recommendation for follow up

Follow up consultations generally take 1-2 hours.

Fee: $195 for Initial visit and $165 for follow ups
 -- milage fee may apply

 -- Additional $35 fee per visit for multiples

We will soon be accepting selected Aetna Insurance plans, otherwise all clients will be provided a superbill to submit to their insurance company to request reimbursement for the consultation.

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

The best time to meet with your Lactation Consultant is before you have your baby.  Whether you are a first time mother, or had problems breastfeeding your previous children, this meeting with an IBCLC will help you put together a plan for your breastfeeding success.

Prenatal consultations generally last 1-2 hours and include a full health history, review of previous breastfeeding issues, review of breastfeeding basics (latch, positioning, etc.) and creation of a breastfeeding plan for mother and baby.

Fee: $125 per couple

To help provide support for mothers in areas that do not have qualified Lactation Support, we can provide Lactation Consultations via Skype or Google Hangouts.  
​Fee: $75 per hour

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