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Scheduling your home visit with one of our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants is easy.  We provide 24-hour online appointment requests through our online scheduling application.  If you would like to contact one of us before scheduling your appointment, please visit our Contact page or call us a the following numbers:

Suzanne Juel, IBCLC - 713-377-8738
Tessa Gardin, IBCLC - 832-691-1899

Scheduling your Lactation Consultation Home visit in Central and North Houston

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We are now IN-NETWORK with Aetna.

Many insurance companies are now covering Lactation Consultation services, and we encourage all mothers to contact their insurance company to see if these services are covered.  From the website:

"Health insurance plans must provide breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment for the duration of breastfeeding. These services may be provided before and after birth.  This applies to Marketplace plans and all other health insurance plans, except for grandfathered plans."

For most insurance companies, there are no in-network providers for Lactation Consultations.  In most cases, clients will pay out of pocket for the Lactation Consultation, and we will provide a superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  While we cannot guarantee coverage, we often find that contacting your insurance company before you actually meet with your Lactation Consultant will make the reimbursement process easier.  

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Insurance Coverage for Lactation Consultations

Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn't mean that it is always easy.  IBCLC Lactation Consultants provide expert breastfeeding education and support for mothers and babies.  Our team of expert Lactation Consultants in Houston provide comprehensive breastfeeding support for issues ranging from basic latch techniques to low milk supply to breastfeeding a baby with a tongue-tie.  We also offer online scheduling.